Our Story

frickle family circusThe carnival circuit is nothing new to the brothers. Runaways at the age of 3 to join the circus. Raised by the Bearded lady and the Strongman they took on various circus jobs.







cannonpickleThey soon became expert Elephant trainers, blindfolded trapeze masters and even putting their small child heads in the lions mouth. (Before OSHA.)  Brother John sustained a career ending circus injury when shot out of a cannon. (Before Helmet laws) Yes, he landed on his pickle stem.




frickle gypsy

Brother Pat was advised by the gypsy palm reader certain fate would follow him.

The brothers then ran away from the circus. Various odd jobs including egg roll factory worker, beer salesman, donut and pie maker paid their bills.






frickle-westOn a visit to North Carolina, Brother Pat had a Frickle experience. Pickle chips battered, deep fried with a tasty dip was a true southern experience. That night Horace Greeley appeared in a dream. "Go west young man and bring dem frickles with yah" So he did.




frickles celebrationBrother John and Pat gave the Frickle a west coast twist with Tempura, panko beer battered frickles and fabulous yogurt based dips. Traveling around Northern California in the Frickle wagon they bring their fabulous High Frying Act to you.

Yes, John landed on his stem and Pat is taking advice from a dead guy but these Frickles are Fabulous. Take the bus, walk, run, drive, pedal, fly or ?

The Fabulous Frickle Brothers are coming to a town near you.

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